Things to Write

Things to write

1. Things to write
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Stuffs to do on Holiday

Eid Al-Fitr holiday is about to start. wrap your work and start planning about your todolist for once you get back to work, but right now start to plan about….. THINGS TO DO IN THIS LONG HOLIDAY!!!! Remember those stuffs that you postponed because you’re too tired of your daily activities or simply because “you don’t have the time”? Well it’s only a week long though but let’s get things done :p

Write something
You might been in similar situation as me, bunch of things to write in effect to that “I’ll write something about it, later”. Now is the time to actually write something, even just a n overview, just start.

Send postcards
Who says that postcard days are over? We might have gone digital nowadays, but some folks might still sending you postcards just like these postcards I’ve received. Reply them, if you’re a craft-junkies just like me you might as well reply with a handmade postcard. Or even better, start sending postcards even for those who haven’t send you any, might be cool to start a new correspondence, especially with those you haven’t be able to contact in a while, and this is a religious holiday too, might be as well send them an eid mubarak postcards :D

Cute-crafty “angpau”
I’m sure that there are rather different ways of sharing, as this isn’t actually a part of my religion’s tradition, but in my family we have this tradition of giving away angpau to (younger) family member. Why don’t we create something rather artsy for this year’s angpau? Prepare your scissors, washy tapes, crafty papers, and your creativity!

Design a dress
I love designing dresses, especially my own dresses lol. We don’t need to have a new dress every year for this occasion, but sometimes it’s really fun to designing and (watch the progress of) sewing our own outfits when we have the chance don’t you think? Alhamdulillah. Even better if we make outfits as a giveaway for other people so that they can be happy to in this happy occasion.

Spread the joy through any means
Reconnect to other people, especially through this digital world, spread the joy.

Finish your knitting
Take a pity for those abandoned knitting projects in that corner, finish them.

Finish your commissions
Painting, sketches, even a design concept that you have promised to finish by the end of the week (last year), finish them, or at least, start.

Go somewhere fun
When other people start packing their bags and leaving to their hometown, you might feel a little bit lonely like me since you have to stay in town (you have already in your hometown lol). But weep not! We have this town for our own! Go somewhere, plan something, or better go to the capital city because I bet it’ll be less crowded nowadays lol.

Tidy up your home
tidy up your home. tidy up your home. what more can i say.

Don’t just stick to those ideas, go do something else you never been done before, explore your other channel of hobbies there must be something to do about it.


Some Mobile App’s UI Tips

Add a Tip

Instead of displaying an empty search box and an empty search result (or any empty list in general), display a quick tip (activity examples and guide) so that the result not  empty anymore. The search box should mention the hint of items that available for searching, for example type “search users name” or “find friends” etc.

Add Photos

In the search result screen, or any list in general, display a visual aid instead of just a text-based list. For example a small thumbnail beside the title or a rather big image of the item to help user visualize things.

Offer to Share

Add social networking links when content uploading finished, for example when user completed uploading their profile picture or any images related to activities inside app they should be prompted with option to share content (including image).

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