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setelah ditelaah ternyata hasil sering QA dan blusukan app ini itu saya jadi punya:
- minimal 14 personal email accounts,
- setidaknya 9 diantaranya sudah terhubung ke sistem lain, minimal FB, dan buanyuak sosmed lain :O
*jadi mas2 yang kekurangan cadangan email buat nyoba2 tapi males remove2 bisa juga summon ikey X) – Read on Path.

posted 1 day ago | Thursday, Aug
giving path a (pinky) finger! share this here wk
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love keeps us kind. – Preview it on Path.

Thought via Path

been wondering what i should do with those ice cream sticks from all these crafty-fever years.. now i know… cute tablet & phone stand! X3 #wacana – Read on Path.

posted 2 days ago | Wednesday, Aug
! with Mukhammad, Miranti, and fathar tanpa path – View on Path.
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artsy i’m preying on you tonight! – Preview it on Path.

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